Failed to load resource pointed in script tag in src/index.html

I am trying to integrate a payment platform (Culqi) in my Ionic application. According to the docs, I have to include the following in src/index.html at the end of the body:

< script src=“” ></ script >

That loads the Culqi Checkout JS library on board. My App is able to successfully use the library and its methods on the web (localhost) and on an Android device. On an iOS device the App won’t be able to load the library. I can see an error in the Safari web inspection console:

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status 404 ()

What is interesting here is that the App after the build process for iOS seems to have changed the URL from where it should retrieve the library. I don’t know whether the /v3 at the end of the URL has something to do with it. For the record, if you don’t use the /v3 at the end you get to possibly a previous version of the library which has a tag that points to /, which may be lead to think that the compiler is not considering the /v3 part of the URL… but the question in any case is why?

I don’t know if this has to do with polyfills or not but I also see in the Safari console the following error:

Error: Network Error … runTask - polyfills.js:3:109116

Again, the App does what t’is supposed to do on a browser and on an Android device… Any idea what might be going on here on iOS??