Failed to apply plugin [class '']

Getting following error while building,

A problem occurred evaluating root project ‘android’.
> Failed to apply plugin [class ‘’]
> For input string: “+”

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Have you resolved this issue? I’m getting the same error and been searching Google all day for solutions, but none of them helped. Even removing & re-adding Android & all plugins didn’t solve it.

Change following code in from:
and add google-service.json file to app module

Here the monster thread about that subject

Summarized, it depends from your cordova-android version and the plugins you are using

At first I would suggest to update to last cordova-android

Then try to find which plugins produce the error and double check that you are using the last version

I used to had this problem while using cordova-plugin-facebook4 and cordova.plugins.diagnostic, could confirm both of these plugins are now fixed

Thanks for the tip.
Unfortunately, I don’t have those entries in my file. This is what I have in mine (replaced the app name with XXX)…


I tried replacing the “+” values with 11.0.1, but got the same error. The app uses Google plus login plugin, the push plugin, Firebase, and others. I’m guessing the Google-related plugins are crashing.

Thanks, Reed.
I can confirm I have the newest cordova-android. I’m going through each plugin, and I thought that there was some sort of conflict with phonegap-plugin-push and firebase. I removed & added them, but still no luck.


I use phonegap-plugin-push and don’t face conflict too

In the issue I listed above, someone wrote that, to find the problem, all support-v4:+ should be replaced
He then suggested to run grep -Rin -C5 'support-v4:+' ./plugins

Would you like to give a try?

I’m not the best when it comes to this I’ve to say, maybe you should post your question in the issue with your list of dependencies?

Thanks for the feedback.
After trying all sorts of things, and growing gray hair in the process, I decided to remove phonegap-plugin-push altogether and try onesignal. Loving it so far.

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what i did solved my problem rather than changing random properties of, First check the error message “” and after that change only those which have this “” in prefix remove + and add a specific version in my case i added 11.6.2 and also add google-services.json to platform/android .

I tried the above but didn’t work for me.

Check for this things in your project.

Version of google services so that they don’t conflict with each other.

Fcm gradle

comment the line below

apply plugin


Add this line, after dependencies

dependencies {
    compile fileTree(include: ['*.jar'], dir: 'libs')

apply plugin

and lastly make sure to put google-services.json in project’s root folder.

This works for me.

Where exactly do you find this ionic project property file?