FadingEdge in ion-content

Hi there, I’ve been searching on Internet for a long time, but couldn’t find an answer (or at least an answer to help me and me app ;)) I’m designing a gamebook with the Ionic framework/HTML5 So text is a major part of my ‘game’. My question is the following, in android (eclipse environment) I got a fadingEdge (vertical) text effect working by implementing the following syntax in the scrollView .xml file


My question is the following, since I can’t get this to work using CSS (I have a textured background, not a solid color) or javascript/jquery I would very much like this to work in my ionic html pages, e.g. inside the ‘ion-content>’ ‘/ion-content>’ brackets. Is this possible?? Or perhaps is it possible to write/use native java code to accomplish this?

I hope that someone can help me out with this… Thanks in advance,

Did you tried to use?


hi devniz, thx for the reply…
Only one question, hoe do you implement this into the ionic view? Or perhaps ik you have experience in angularjs can you give me a pointer where to look? I appreciatie you earlier reply :wink: