FacebookAuth "user_friends" scope


Hi, I have been using ionic-cloud Auth for my App logins, but now want to progress to using the token for calling the Facebook Graph API. It appears that to access other friends who have authenticated with Facebook API, you need to have set the scope ‘user_friends’. Looking at the source code of ionic-cloud I can see no way to add this scope. For now I an trailing a beached version of the code, I have modified below.

Could someone let me know if I have missed something, and this scope can be added through a config or setup property somewhere?

FacebookAuth.prototype.login = function () {
var _this = this;
var deferred = new DeferredPromise();
var authConfig = this.config.settings.auth;
var scope = [‘public_profile’, ‘email’,‘user_friends’];

Also I have accessed the API directly from “window.facebookConnectPlugin.api()”, has this been exposed somehow through Angular objects such as “$Facebook”.