Facebook4 Plugin : always access to oldest version of Graph API

we are using the Facebook4 plugin since 2018.
Today we are in version 6.2.0 and we have set the FACEBOOK_ANDROID_SDK_VERSION to 5.5.2
From one we understand :
Plugin version 6.2.0 comes with Android SDK Version 5.5.2 & with ioS SDK Version 5.7.0 (https://github.com/jeduan/cordova-plugin-facebook4/releases)

We managed to map the SDK Versions with the Graph API version :
|IOS SDK Version|Android SDK Version|Graph API Version|
|— |- |- --|
| |4.19.0 |V2.8 |
| |4.28.0 |V2.11|
| |4.33.0 |V3.0|
| |4.35.0 |V3.1|
|5.3.0 |5.2.0 |V4|
|5.9.0| 5.5.2 (2019) |V5|
|6.0.0| 6.0.0 |V6|

So for us, our app should be using the API Graph V5 for Android. Not sure for IOS, maybe V4 ?

But since 2018 we have regular messages from Facebook warning us that our app has access to the oldess version of API Graph. CUrrently it is the API Graph V3 that will be deprecated end of july 2020.
In the past, it happened that our App (in Facebook sens) was desactivated. We had to claim.

We would like to avoid this situation from now on. So anyone has an idea ?
We suspect that the issue is on IoS since we explicitely specificy the API version for ANDROID but we have not found the equivalent for IOS.