Facebook using Graph API and access token in client side requests

New to here, and Ionic framework but loving it already. I was trying to create an app using Facebook graph API but have been reading how to access the API i cannot pass the app access_token needed by Facebook via client side requests. This is similar to this issue on stack overflow

Stackoverflow-link and Facebook access_token using Javascript SDK

. I don’t want to have users to login to Facebook, Whats the simplest way to accomplish this which is also secure. I read the access_token can be kept server side. Is this possible with Ionic? Can someone please guide me as to how to accomplish this with an access_token for the app without having users to login through Facebook. Any reference to a code sample or tutorial how to do this would be great, your helps appreciated. Thanks!!

bump… Anyone with any feedback? I am sure people have tried to use Ionic with Facebooks Graph API and access_tokens

ehhm i do not know how you want to get the access_token without a login before?
You could use the facebook-login plugin there is a method to check if the user is already logged in and there you get the current access_token.

Hi bengtler, I should’ve mentioned this i meant an app_access_token based on the app_id and secret and not the user access_token which is generated when the user logs in FB.


However this is not recommended to be used for Client side requests since this can be seen by anyone in the requests and you don’t want the app_secret to be public info. This post on stack overflow asks the same question
Facebook access_token using Javascript SDK

This posts recommends using server side code and not using Javascript SDK to make client calls, am I forced to use some hybrid with Ionic and some server side solution to accomplish this? I just wanted to get publicly available info on Facebook to my app users without forcing them to login. Is it possible to do this with Ionic?