Facebook 'native-ionic' example or tutorial


Hi, I would like to grab posts from a public group on Facebook and use it within my app to create a personal newsfeed. I have tried everything to get it connected but nothing seems to work. I followed the install requirements on the ionic documentation and still I am unable to connect to Facebook. I have run into a plethora of errors but the most recent is

with ‘ion-compiler’ plugin: rollup-plugin-typescript: Cannot read property ‘0’ of null; when processing: ‘/Users/Zach/Desktop/badgerLoop/badgerloop_app_v2/src/pages/news-feed/news-feed.ts’

But I have gotten many other errors such as Facebook is not found (even though I imported it) etc. So are there any good tutorials or examples of how to use the native Facbook app??

I am current running ionc-native 2.24 and ionic 2.1.1