Facebook messenger and Ionic 2

Hello all.
I want to make an app in which the user can send messages to a specific user (the administrator) through Facebook messenger or Google Hangouts.

Can someone help how can make this?

Have a look at this (or similar): https://smooch.io/

I managed to make the webhooks and make the button of the facebook page functional. The problem is how i add the interface and the login into my ionic app.

I am trying to do something similar.
I would like to push a button and launch FB messenger with a specific contact.

I tried using the the following:


Where I pass the ID of the person into initWithUID

I was basically trying to see whether this StackOverflow link would work:

On android if I exclude the “/compose//UID” part Facebook messenger correctly launches.
However if I include the “/compose/UID” part of the URL Facebook messenger crashes.

How did you make yours work?
Any information you can provide would be appreciated.

Hi @harleybl & @lickos,

I’m right now in the implementation of something similar.

Current implementation at my end.

  1. From Ionic app check for Facebook Messenger App in device if available open the app, if not redirect to respective stores for downloading the app.

I would like to know if there is a way to open the messenger app with specific ID and how have you guys implemented. Kindly share your inputs will be much helpful.