Facebook Messeger Like Notification!


I was wondering if there is a capability to create a notification circle like that of “Facebook Messenger” in ionic.

My customers requirement is to have such a notification with a couple of data points in it. And this circle should persist on top of all apps and the user should be able re-position it to any place in the screen just like the messenger circle. And on touching the circle the app should open in a specific page.



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i was looking something like that as well but for ionic 2

Did you find anything?

nop, nothing yet. still trying to figure that one out

Doing a little digging, this is possible but only if you’re willing/able to write a native plugin.

See more info here:

and here:

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Hey Thank you Scott.

I found that as well. I guess for now it can be concluded that such a capability is a no for now on Ionic but it can be done by interfacing an android native capability as a call out from my ionic code.

Let me try it and come back.



Maybe check something like Microsoft Ace out?