Facebook Login with Ionic using Firebase


The title is a mouthful, but basically I just want to know if you can achieve facebook login using the native app compared to using a web view.

To elaborate, currently when you use Firebase to handle the facebook login it will direct the user to essentially the facebook website. The problem with this is that most people aren’t logged onto facebook in their mobile browser. This means that they then need to put in their email address and password manually and then tap “log in”. Compared to just being directed to the fb app on the device itself, where you just tap “accept” and it directs the user back to the ionic app, and bam the user is logged in.

The later is a far more streamlined process. Users are accustomed to this way of connecting with facebook in mobile apps for onboarding. Making the user put in additional effort for an app they haven’t even used yet is just another reason for a potential user to abandon signing up for your app.

Would love to know people’s possible solutions & thoughts on this!


I might have answered my question haha.


The facebook plugin seems to achieve the above…