Facebook Account Kit

hi all,
Has anyone integrated Facebook’s Account Kit into their app? (https://developers.facebook.com/products/account-kit) If so, could you share code? :slight_smile:

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I have used https://github.com/nraboy/ng-cordova-oauth in 2 of my ionic applications . Its quite easy. Follow the steps .

I was asking specifically about account kit

Does ng-cordova-oauth support account kit?

I’m also curious if anyone is using Account Kit.


@ryanlogsdon @chazwoza I know it has been a while since the question was asked, but since I couldn’t find a solution by myself, I made this cordova plugin. Feel free to try cordova-plugin-accountkit

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I’ve since moved to Twilio. Simple to use. Truly great documentation.


Can I use from browser ? Because I can 't get ‘import {AccountKitPlugin} from ionic-native’; working

Yes. I got it to work back around Ionic2 Beta 8.


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Same for me, I finnaly use the JDK for account kit, it works but it’s not optimal (need to include init on index.html for instance) …

Thanks for the link…

Is there any way that facebook kit can be opened in “inappBrowser”, is there any wrapper available for account kit JS version?