Extra Side Menu For each View

there is 3 nav-views,

i want to show a extra different side-menu for each nav-view
how can i do that?

trying add this on the tempalte only show errors for me, i guess put them all on the same page if i get 4 nav means 4 different side menus + the shared. It will start to become a spaghetti code, really bad pratice…
( /\ Keep in mind that this solution is also acceptable, but i really want avoid this)

the ideal solution would be have somehting like this :

Tabs/MainSideMenu -> Abstract class (like in the codepen)
1 more abstract for each nav-view
SpecificSideMenu1 -> Abstract with the specific side menu
SpecificSideMenu2 -> Abstract with the specific side menu
SpecificSideMenu3 -> Abstract with the specific side menu

so each state would look something like


Since each nav-view would have more than 3 pages would be really bad pratice also add in the page the second side menu… because i would have to maintain the same “template” in at least 3 pages…

the other option is have one abstract for each specific, but if i want edit the shared menu i would have to edit 3, again bad pratice…

i guess handling abstract it self isn’t the problem, it’s more, how i modify/add ion-side-menus, ion-side-menu, ion-side-menu-content

Something like that?

see start page and checkins

yes i guess thiss is perfect, i will try to apply and make a update on this post