External link

Hi, I searched around but nothing I tried works. I simply want to link to external url, NOT in app, simply open the default browser of the device and show the link. How can I accomplish this seems-easy-but-really-not task?

window.open( url , _blank , options )

Uhm I guess it doesn’t work bacause I tried with the directive ng-click, with plain onclick works.
Anyway my default browser is Chrome, but window.open still open that Android embedded browser, any chance to open the link really in default browser?

Try this

window.open(url, '_system');

if that does not work, then try the below  
<a href="googlechrome://navigate?url=https://my.url.com/"></a>
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it works both, I’m sure I tried before _system as target and didn’t work, not sure what am I missed before. I will try on more devices to be sure. thanks