Exit() does not close app completely in kitkat android

I have used ionic.Platform.exitApp() to exit the app.

But when I open the app next time white screen appears for a while since app is in recent in kitkat version of android.

Splashscreen occurs as expected in first launch of app but not on second launch. But if i remove app from recent and launch again, splashscreen appears again as ecpected.
This is not white screen issues as discussed in previous topics in my view.
How do i clear the app from recent in android Kitkat or above after I exit the app?

Have the same problem. Seems the ionic.Platform.exitApp method does not exit the app completely.

This is standard android behaviour. The app remains in the memory until the phone needs the memory for another process then it is killed properly. I’m unsure if this can be done programmatically.

@mhartington can u help us in this issue ???
we need just when app come again from the background splash screen work again , can u help us?

Use cordova-plugin-splashscreen@2.0.0 instead of 2.1.0