Exit App - iOS

I am trying to get exit the app if the version is out of date (and eventually load the URL to download a new version) on iOS. On a button press or after the validation that the app version is out of date, I have tried the following to close the app. This does work on Android

I keep getting the message ’ ERROR MESSAGE: {“errorMessage”:"",“message”:“not implemented”}

import { Plugins } from '@capacitor/core';

const { App } = Plugins;
export class AuthPage implements OnInit {
  router: Router;
  platform: Platform;

    router: Router,
    platform: Platform
  ) {
    this.router = router;
    this.platform = platform;


onClick() {
    let val = await App.exitApp();

Any thoughts would be helpful


As I read more in forums, this does not seem like standard practice in iOS. If that is the case, anyone have ideas on how to ensure the user has the most recent version of the app? NOTE: This is distributed as an enterprise app, so it does not go on the app store.


I have found this: https://github.com/joycorp/cordova-plugin-exitapp, but I am not sure how to import and reference this plugin… :frowning: