Example to use a Provider to create a Directive to use in a page?

I want to create a directive to be used in a page.
I hv done it in ionic2 and hving difficulty to do the same in ioinic3.

Goal is to create a provider that would replace the html tag with an ion-menu.

in Angular.io, the latest example is here:

I however do not know how to split this into an independent service Provider and link it to a templateUrl that contains the ion-menu, then implement to the page.

Are there similar example or tutorial out there that do the similar?

In my opinion, service providers should only be involved with slinging data around and should not have anything to do with templates at all. I can’t think of a situation where service providers and directives should be related. Can you describe in more functional (as opposed to implementational) terms what you are really trying to achieve?

I hv a menu that would appear in many pages.
That menu will control language settings (a variable stored in a service provider)
When changes were made it will call to show and hide between 4 languaes (my app needs to allow swiping of language quick and easy on each page, for some reason i do not use Angular language i18n langauge becuz the app is more about switching between old and new Traditional Chinese text, so people can read between them and learn).

So I thought to create a directive to do quickly implement that menu to the page i needed.

I used an array to store the corresponding translation of each language, somthign like this:

title: {eng : 'Planning', ja: '第 一 始 計', chi: '始 計 第 一'}

and then in the page, I can use something like this to quickly load and switch between them:
<span class="labelcontent">{{chapter.title[lingu]}}</span>

You can see a working version here, the chrome version is free:

I worked on ionic2.0.0 beta-11 before and it’s so painful to get it updated and I got lots of errors trying to do so, I now tried to rewrote the whole thing in ionic3, but I got some trouble re-creating the same app maybe becuz my original architect hv some problems. I am new to coding so this is really complicated to me that it almost felt like a miracle I could get it done in ionic2, now I need to think how to code it in ionic3.

I appreciate if you could point out how I code this in a better manner.
I can share you the source code on bucket git if you wish to go hv a look.