Events on canvas : different behaviour serve / device

I am new to ionic but enjoying all of it so far !
I am building a smartphone app which involves a canvas and click events.
To make it simpler, suppose a point is drawn on each event, at the click location.
It works perfectly when I run it in my browser with ionic serve, but when I send it on my Android smartphone, the canvas rendering is delayed :

  • At first, the canvas does not load, untill I touch the screen.
  • Then when I touch again, the previous point I drawn
    Apparently, the canvas is rendered on the next click event.
    So I am interested in :
  • Why is the behaviour different between serve and a real device ?
  • How to fix this issue (rendering on the current click) ?

By the way, I am using Paper.js to draw in my canvas, and I followed Use Paper.js to draw on canvas
to make it ‘work’ (last post).

I can paste parts of my code on demand.
Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Hi! did you try paperjs on canvas on images to rotate and pinch it?