Event when the same option is selected in ion-select?

I need to do some stuff when the same option from the ion-select menu is selected. However, I can’t find a way to make it work.

There is no way to watch for value changes since there are no changes to the value and if I add @click to the option it doesn’t do anything.

Is there any way to detect when an option is being selected even if it is the same option?

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No, I’m not seeing any way to do that. There’s onCancel, but nothing for onOkNoChange. Even onBlur doesn’t fire every time you close the select (and even tab away). You can try a feature request for an onDismiss or onClose event. Or write some type of wrapper hack for it?

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I am trying to understand the use case better… how does one select the same item? can you be more specific?

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I have a list of predefined filters with one that is called “Custom”. When you click custom, you get another pop-up to customize filter manually.

That’s why I need it to work every time even if it’s already selected.

You could switch to <ion-checkbox>, style it like the <ion-select> so you will have access to the checked property on ionChange

I found out that ion-action-sheet component was the best solution for that. You can actually make it work as a select component out of the box with the difference that you can run specific actions after selecting an option.

Thanks for all the ideas though.