Event to detect when the IOS App webview reloads

It seems on IOS 15 , the webview of our Ionic app reloads on launch some times , this wasn’t happening on IOS 14 , but it seem to be happening after upgrading to IOS 15 , I’m assuming this is because the OS is terminating the webview due to the memory pressure. We will look into the memory management.

But the major problem that we need to solve immediately is how to navigate the user to login page after the webview reloads , it looks like after reload , the user stays on the same main page . we want to know if there is a event through which app can understand if the webview has reloaded so that we can navigate the user to login page only in these cases.
we have been struggling to find a solution for this , any help would be greatly appreciated.

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That might help

Hi, we are having the same problem after restoring the app from the backgroud and sometimes (in a random way) tha webview is reloaded and the app freezes… did you find a solution for this?