Error with push notification PhoneGap PushPlugin


Hi , I try to follow this tutorial
But I receive a build error, I try to understand why and I found this problem
please try this:

ionic start MYapp blank
ionic platform add android
ionic plugin add
ionic build android

I receive this error

Can you please help me?
ps. Android SDK manager I have installed all


Ohhh MY GOOD this is a NIGHTMARE every time there something wrong!!!..
MY FATCH GIVE ME AN ERROR so I need to follow this

Run SDK Tools like Administrator - In tools disable cache - reload all

After this I can made your suggestion and run

android list sdk
android update sdk --no-ui --filter extra

And after this it run!!!


The lastest push plugin creates the build error for some reason. Until they patch the problem try to install an earlier version of the push plugin. I got mine working with an earlier version of the push plugin. You can do so with following command:

ionic plugin add

Before doing so, remove the plugin and add it again.


@sidthesloth With PushPlugin.git#2.4.0 is impossible to build
I receive this error


Check this link out :