Error with ionic serve after integrating ionic cloud services


I was following this guide for setup of cloud services: ionic Cloud Services
Till now I just have added this to ngModule imports array:


Now as I do ionic serve, I am getting this output:

[INFO] Starting app-scripts server: --port 9101 --p 9101 --livereload-port 35729 --r 35729 --address - Ctrl+C to
[21:46:58] watch started …
[21:46:58] build dev started …
[21:46:58] clean started …
[21:46:58] clean finished in 4 ms
[21:46:58] copy started …
[21:46:58] transpile started …
[21:47:05] transpile finished in 6.74 s
[21:47:05] preprocess started …
[21:47:05] deeplinks started …
[21:47:05] deeplinks finished in 207 ms
[21:47:05] preprocess finished in 210 ms
[21:47:05] webpack started …
[21:47:06] copy finished in 7.31 s

this._handle.update(data, encoding);

TypeError: Data must be a string or a buffer
at TypeError (native)
at Hash.update (crypto.js:74:16)
at HarmonyExportImportedSpecifierDependency.updateHash (C:\Users\aksha\Desktop\ionic_apps\askGanesha\node_modules\webpack\lib\dependencies\HarmonyExportImportedSpecifierDependency.js:144:8)
at C:\Users\aksha\Desktop\ionic_apps\askGanesha\node_modules\webpack\lib\DependenciesBlock.js:33:5
at Array.forEach (native)
at NormalModule.DependenciesBlock.updateHash (C:\Users\aksha\Desktop\ionic_apps\askGanesha\node_modules\webpack\lib\DependenciesBlock.js:32:20)
at NormalModule.Module.updateHash (C:\Users\aksha\Desktop\ionic_apps\askGanesha\node_modules\webpack\lib\Module.js:162:41)
at NormalModule.updateHash (C:\Users\aksha\Desktop\ionic_apps\askGanesha\node_modules\webpack\lib\NormalModule.js:327:30)
at modules.forEach.m (C:\Users\aksha\Desktop\ionic_apps\askGanesha\node_modules\webpack\lib\Chunk.js:253:31)
at Array.forEach (native)

Please help, thanks.