Error with Azure API call in Android but working on Desktop

Hello everyone!

I have a weird error in my ionic App, maybe you guys can help me. In my company we use Azure as platform for our backend system, so the entire backend is written in C#. Well, as I was developing an mobile app that has to get info from Azure, I had to add many API calls to our system. I used $q to manage all promises, and all of them are working except one. This one is a special API call that can return more than one result, and I am having an error trying to get the info. I’m also waiting for technical support from the Backend developers in my company, but the weird thing is that in desktop testing (Chrome) this issue isn’t happening. That is, the error occurs when using the app in an android device. Maybe its something related to web views and multiple results from API calls using ngResource and Azure, someway it crashes using everything together, but how is it posible to work perfectly on desktop and crashing on device? I’m having a hard headache with this… maybe someone has an idea of why is this happening…


(Sorry for my bad english)