Error while creating example app

when I tried to create example app using the instruction given in the website it gives following error.

I get following error while using command "ionic start myApp --v2"
Charans-Mac-mini:Test Charan$ sudo ionic start myApp --v2

Dependency warning - for the CLI to run correctly,
it is highly recommended to install/upgrade the following:

Please install your Cordova CLI to version >=4.2.0 npm install -g cordova
Install ios-sim to deploy iOS applications.npm install -g ios-sim (may require sudo)
Install ios-deploy to deploy iOS applications to devices. npm install -g ios-deploy (may require sudo)

Creating an Ionic 2.x app in /Users/Charan/Desktop/Test/myApp based on the tabs template.

Invalid response status: (500)
Error with start undefined
Error Initializing app: [object Object]
objectMode=false, highWaterMark=16384, head=null, tail=null, length=0, length=0, pipes=null, pipesCount=0, flowing=true, ended=true, endEmitted=true, reading=false, sync=true, needReadable=false, emittedReadable=false, readableListening=false, resumeScheduled=false, defaultEncoding=utf8, ranOut=false, awaitDrain=0, readingMore=false, decoder=null, encoding=null, readable=false, domain=null, end=[function responseOnEnd() {
const res = this;
const req = this.req;

req._ended = true;
if (!req.shouldKeepAlive || req.finished)
responseKeepAlive(res, req);
}, function () {
debug(‘response end’, self.uri.href, response.statusCode, response.headers)
}, function () {
self._ended = true
}, function (chunk) {
self.emit(‘end’, chunk)
}], close=[function () {
if (!self._ended) {
}, function () {self.emit(‘close’)}], data=function (chunk) {
self._destdata = true
self.emit(‘data’, chunk)
}, error=function (error) {
self.emit(‘error’, error)
}, _eventsCount=4, _maxListeners=undefined, pipe=null, , singleUse=true, isServer=false, requestCert=true, rejectUnauthorized=false, session=undefined, NPNProtocols=undefined, ALPNProtocols=undefined, requestOCSP=undefined, _secureEstablished=true, _securePending=false, _newSessionPending=false, _controlReleased=true, _SNICallback=null, servername=null, npnProtocol=undefined, alpnProtocol=false, authorized=true, authorizationError=null, encrypted=true, close=[function () {
// Make sure we are not doing it on OpenSSL’s stack
setImmediate(destroySSL, this);
res = null;
}, function () { [native code] }, function onClose(err) {
debug(‘CLIENT socket onClose’);
// This is the only place where sockets get removed from the Agent.
// If you want to remove a socket from the pool, just close it.
// All socket errors end in a close event anyway.
agent.removeSocket(s, options);
}, function socketCloseListener() {
var socket = this;
var req = socket._httpMessage;
debug(‘HTTP socket close’);

// Pull through final chunk, if anything is buffered.
// the ondata function will handle it properly, and this
// is a no-op if no final chunk remains.;

// NOTE: It’s important to get parser here, because it could be freed by
// the socketOnData.
var parser = socket.parser;
if (req.res && req.res.readable) {
// Socket closed before we emitted ‘end’ below.
var res = req.res;
res.on(‘end’, function() {
} else if (!req.res && !req.socket._hadError) {
// This socket error fired before we started to
// receive a response. The error needs to
// fire on the request.
req.emit(‘error’, createHangUpError());
req.socket._hadError = true;

// Too bad. That output wasn’t getting written.
// This is pretty terrible that it doesn’t raise an error.
// Fixed better in v0.10
if (req.output)
req.output.length = 0;
if (req.outputEncodings)
req.outputEncodings.length = 0;

if (parser) {
freeParser(parser, req, socket);
}], end=[function () { [native code] }], finish=function onSocketFinish() {
// If still connecting - defer handling ‘finish’ until ‘connect’ will happen
if (this.connecting) {
debug(‘osF: not yet connected’);
return this.once(‘connect’, onSocketFinish);

if (!this.readable || this._readableState.ended) {
debug(‘oSF: ended, destroy’, this._readableState);
return this.destroy();

debug(‘oSF: not ended, call shutdown()’);

// otherwise, just shutdown, or destroy() if not possible
if (!this._handle || !this._handle.shutdown)
return this.destroy();

var req = new ShutdownWrap();
req.oncomplete = afterShutdown;
req.handle = this._handle;
var err = this._handle.shutdown(req);

there is still more

Strangely older version atlas able to create the example app.

I used the script "ionic start myApp"
Now without --v2
My Mac is able to download the code and create myApp folder with necessary files required.

Have the same issue. Seems to be a problem with github