Error when playback local video file on android

I have a problem with the playback of a local video file on android.

<video autoplay width="360" controls src="video/video3.mp4" type="video/mp4" ></video>  

Works perfect inside chrome or ff with serve, but on android I get following error

MediaResourceGetter   Unable to read file: file:///android_asset/www/video/video3.mp4

I have seen tutorials who do it like this and I am not sure what is wrong. Do I have to use a different folder, or is something wrong with the format?

Thanks for your help and for this very cool framework.

Did you find a solution for this?

Fixed my problem (sound didn’t play on Android 4.x but did on 5+) by dowgrading the ‘cordova-plugin-media’ plugin to v1.0.1. Seems like the plugin version 2.x isn’t compatible to Android 4.x.

So you where able to play a video form a local file on android within an video container? I wasnt able to get it to work 9 months ago, but maybe there were some changes. Will definitely give it a try again in the next time.

No sorry, I was playing mp3 files but the error message was identical. On Android 5+ it worked without problem but on Android 4.x it came up with the MediaResourceGetter Unable to read file: file:///android_asset/www/.../...mp3 error message