Error: spawn EPERM issue

Hi All,

Currently i am working on Ionic 4 and after completing all the setup when i try to execute command ionic serve, i got below error.

Same problem here with a set of new laptops. Some old laptops work.

Did you found solution for it?

Nope - experimenting …

Seems we have a solution. Try “npm run ionic:serve” to run the app. You might als want to try removing the line with ionic:serve from your package.json.

Did anyone find out what the solution is? I am having the same problem and thought it was completely environment related but I am having the problem in another environment too. Is it security related?

I have the same issue.

I happen the same way. I solved it:

  1. ionic cordova platform rm android
  2. ionic cordova platform add android
  3. delete folder node_modules
  4. npm install

Use npm rebuild. It will resolve your issue.

antivirus is likely causing the conflict…
Es probable que el antivirus esté causando el conflicto…