Error: spawn EACCES - what is this?

I’m getting this error now, from out of nowhere.

I just built my android release but couldn’t upload as the package name was wrong. I had to update config.xml and now I get this error:

Error: spawn EACCES

Java is up to date. I’ve removed and added android in cordova and ionic (following tips online) but now I’m just stuck.

Any ideas?


I’ve tried everything in here.

I still get the same error

What does ionic cordova requirements output?
What is your ionic info output?

I managed it by sudo’ing everything.

Well that might have been the problem in the first place? Created the folder with SUDO and therefore having no access to the project without root?

No, I’ve never created a folder with sudo.

I’m having issues with XCode folder permissions now so something is up.

Thankfully new laptop in a couple of weeks so I’ll be doing everything fresh. . .

See here: