Error Push Notifications plugin

I’m trying install Push Notifications plugin, but when I run “ionic serve” i’m receiving that error:

ERROR in node_modules/@capacitor/push-notifications/dist/esm/definitions.d.ts:1:15 - error TS2724: Module ‘"…/…/…/core/dist/esm"’ has no exported member ‘PermissionState’. Did you mean ‘PermissionType’?
[ng] 1 import type { PermissionState, PluginListenerHandle } from ‘@capacitor/core’;
[ng] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
[ng] node_modules/@capacitor/core/dist/esm/core-plugin-definitions.d.ts:1243:21
[ng] 1243 export declare enum PermissionType {
[ng] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
[ng] ‘PermissionType’ is declared here.
[ng] node_modules/@capacitor/push-notifications/dist/esm/definitions.d.ts:3:16 - error TS2665: Invalid module name in augmentation. Module ‘@capacitor/cli’ resolves to an untyped module at ‘D:/Github/projeto_fkdeb/projeto_fkdeb/app/node_modules/@capacitor/cli/dist/index.js’, which cannot be augmented.
[ng] 3 declare module ‘@capacitor/cli’ {

that problem is in plugin?? Can I solve this or it’s need an update by Capacitor developers?

I’m really surprised that you could have gotten things into this state without getting errors from npm about dependency failures. Is there any chance that you ignored warnings?

Because it looks to me like you are trying to use a plugin intended for the v3 architecture of Capacitor without actually having Capacitor v3 installed. Is that possible?