Error occurred during initialization of VM when ionic run android

when i use the command ionic run android it’ give me this error
my JAVA_HOME = C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk1.8.0_60
and i increased my Java Heap Size to 3 gb

and i still get this error
thanks in advance

There is no real way to increase the heap size as it is hardcoded inside the build.gradle file (or similar) I think. If you search around enough here in the forum you might find a thread where sometimes wrote which file to edit how to get it to use more RAM.

Update: Remembered that I create an issue with cordova about that:

thank you for your replay.
i just need to know what is this error ? ,why it’s happens ?
in other projects it dose not appear
and i wonder if this error happen because of the not Enough space in android device , or it’s need a RAM in phone bigger than 2 GB ??
thank in advance.

update ,my project not big at all , i just have 3 pages and using firebase and admob :smiley:

Read the link I posted, it explains why it only uses that specific amount of memory no matter what you try to configure.

On why your project needs that much memory in the first place, no idea.