Error: my app closes unexpectedly

hi, I realized with app template ionWordpress … until a few days ago okay … then I did an update and now I can download the .apk, but when I launch it closes subito…qualcuno can tell me where is the 'error? thank you

it is this …
I’m sorry but for me it’s the first time … I made a App update … I’ve deleted the folder / Android, I launched cordova build --release Android … I can get “AssociaizoneCata.apk” but when I install the 'app closes immediately …
sorry for my English…

This is not clear enough. What exactly did you update? Ionic? Cordova? Android SDK?
Did you also change your application code?

Did you try building without --release?
Did you try running it on a emulator/device directly using ionic run android?

with sudo ionic run android
i have a error:
Error: No emulator images (avds) found.

  1. Download desired System Image by running: /Users/angelo/Library/Android/sdk/tools/android sdk
  2. Create an AVD by running: /Users/angelo/Library/Android/sdk/tools/android avd
    HINT: For a faster emulator, use an Intel System Image and install the HAXM device driver

would you do this for me? Paid?


But feel free to answer my other questions so I (or someone else) may maybe help you.

thank you, very nice … I make some effort … if I need I write …

ionic serve works…

ionWordpress my application works fine on browser with ionic serves, I can create the .apk file, but when I install it on your phone does not work … can someone help me?