Error installing package of Super tabs


Why can not I install the super tab package in my project ?, the next error occurs.


What is this “super tab package” you are talking about?

Please do not post text as images: You should really post the plain text error message (instead of a screenshot and image of it) so that a) someone can copy/paste the error message to Google or something like that trying to help you and b) this forum post itself will be findable by using the forum search engine or Google later. Thank you.


I believe he means the swipeable tabs plugin,

The latest version of it requires Ionic >=3.1.0 (as the error mentions). You’ll either have to update, or install ionic-super-tabs version 1.1.1 by doing npm install ionic2-super-tabs@1.1.1 --save.

I’d opt for the former, but it’s up to you and your project requirements, naturally.