Error: [$injector:unpr] Unknown provider: $cordovaImagePickerProvider


Hello all!

I’m struggling with one ngCordova plugin, ImagePicker.

I have added it properly by CLI. And of course I have ngCordova properly installed too, as I am using other plugins too.
(I added the and ['ngCordova] tag to the angular.module.

I have this console message when running on Device, as ImagePicker does not work on WebBrowser:

284285 error Error: [$injector:unpr] Unknown provider: $cordovaImagePickerProvider <- $cordovaImagePicker <- UserController$injector/unpr?p0=%24cordovaImagePickerProvider%20<-%20%24cordovaImagePicker%20<-%20UserController
at Object.getService [as get] (
at getService (
at injectionArgs (
at Object.instantiate (
at $controller (
at Object.self.appendViewElement (
at Object.render (

The plugin worked well in a new project I made to test it, before add it to my real project, where it fails.

I think it can be due to the Angular Library version?

The controller is empty, it just crashes when naming the funcion like follows:

      function($scope, $rootScope, $http, $ionicPlatform, $cordovaImagePicker){ 

Works when I remove $cordovaImagePicker, but as I said, this works fine in a blank project where I just tested this only plug.

Any clues?? :confused: Thanks!


Updated cordova, and bower.

Uninstalled the plugin and reinstalled the plugin.

Any of these made the trick. Thanks.