Error in after updated sqlite native plugin?

this.database = new SQLite();
this.database.openDatabase({ name: “data.db”, location: “default” }).then(() => {
}, (error) => {
console.log("ERROR: ", error);

here error in after updated sqlite plugin
import { SQLite, SQLiteObject } from ‘@ionic-native/sqlite’;

I have exactly the same problem with my database provider since this plugin update. SQLite offers a method for create. SQLiteObject offers a method for executeSQL (with the hint to open the database before), but there is no function “openDatabase” available. Can someone of the ionic team show us the right workaraound for the given code in Arulmanos post ? I’m using Ionic 3 beta7, but the behaviour is the same as in the post for Ionic2.
Thank you.

Why aren’t you injecting SQLite as described in the docs?

There is no Ionic 3 beta7, only a Ionic CLI 3.0.0 beta7. This has nothing to do with the Ionic library version. Post your ionic info output so that we know what you are actually using.

Here is the data you want: image
Ionic Framework Version 3.0.1, Inonic CLI Version 3.0.0-beta7
I haven’t told something other and I don’t think that these Infos will change anything regarding a solution.
The only working solution I found myself was to change the implemented source codes because Ionic changed the behavior of the sqlite plugin. The handling was more comfortable before.

Because the docs are minimalistic for my needs and don’t seem to be actual. For example …“call openDatabase”…:

On the other hand I looked for a solution without changing my source codes.
At least that was the only option I had and found the handling of the older plugin was smarter.
But thank you for response.

Looking at the source, the ionic-native SQLite's create() method calls the plugin’s openDatabase(), so I think you can safely substitute create there as it appears in the more comprehensive code sample. If that’s accurate, this PR may get accepted.