Error: error capturing image in ionic native camera


i am facing an issue , when i open camera and capture image it come to (err) block and print message like error capturing image.

Before i am able to capture image but it know trow err

please help me with this.


any one please help me with this

Camera only work on REAL Devices and Brwoser Platform.

ionic serve          Camera is not working.

If you are testing on REAL Devices. For IOS, you can connect to Xcode, check the console then you will know what is the problem. Android -> Android Studio.

Hope this help !

I got error when I open camera and after capturing image in device

i think root cause is permission denied for camera and application crash when save to album is false

please check the below screen shot



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I am experiencing the same issue. If the saveToPhotoAlbum flag is set to true, I get the “Error capturing image.” message. Any word on how to solve?

I think the saveToPhotoAlbum option is deprecated and will always result in an error at this point. You have to manually save to your device with a file plugin.

I read this pretty recently, but don’t know offhand the source. I’m about 85% sure.

That would be quite unfortunate. Just having to flag true or false to automatically send to camera roll was quite useful, and it was working on my app 6 months ago.

Any way the devs can confirm?