Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory

First of all, please don’t just post an image, give it some descriptive content about the process you followed to find a solution.

I guess you are not in your project directory. Did you try ionic platform add android ? If it gives you a similar error, then you’re not in your project directory when you call ionic

As @whizzkey said, you are not in a project directory, you are in your user directory. You need to be in your project in order to run ionic commands.

So when you start a project you need to cd into the directory first:

ionic start myApp tabs
cd myApp
ionic platform add ios

Also, please use a descriptive title for your topics and explain the steps you took before running into the error. It is easier for people to find the topic if it has a descriptive title and easier for people to help you with more information.

sorry if my question is less clear I was a new member in this forum accepted the you very much for your answers

Welcome to the forum in that case!

The idea of a forum is to share accumulated knowledge.

The guys @ Ionic installed a search function on the top of the page so people can query their issues against previous posts.
If your initial post doesn’t have a descriptive formulation of your problem, it will be less likely to be found or answered.

I generally tend to sniff through the unanswered ones but many will read just the title and decide if they are familiar with the issue or not.
Have a read here:

Another quick hint to help the community:
If an answer on your post worked out for you, or if you found the sollution by your own means, please post this so other people can learn from it.

Anyways, no hard feelings, happy to help
We all go through a learning curve every day.

Did you get it working in the end?

yess, Thank you very much :grin: