Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open 'app/www/index.html'

Hello, I tried to update the version of ionic to 2.1.0 and tried to create a new project, but every time I run the ionic serves appears this:

Could anyone help me with this issue?
Thanks in advance!

I’m having exactly the same problem and i’m trying to figure out what’s wrong. I’m also having problems with TS in this new version.

Hopefully some can help us with this.

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Well I’ve just solved it. All I have to do was update Node to v6.

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I updated the version of the node and deleted the project and created again but still did not work for me.

Thank you!

@laurazenc the index.html file appears to you in the folder ‘www /’?

Thank you!

yes, it’s there now. I also did npm install/ npm update after the ionic start.

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No success yet :frowning:
I ran the commands npm npm install and update and it did not work
After I deleted the folder ‘node_modules’ and ran the npm install command, but still did not work

Thanks for your help!

Have you tried creating the project again after updating node?

Yes, I’ve tried to create a new project after upgrading the node

Even I have the same issue as I stated here

It happens when compilation fails. so index is not generated in www.
and compilation fails at any random time.

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and how could I solve this?

I don’t know the solution yet. I simply keep restarting serve , it works randomly.

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It worked for me!
I ran the command npm config set ignore-scripts false
and then I ran the command npm run build
Now the index file and folder build there