Error cordova_not_available

I was try that code already .
It shows nothing error or output.

can you please help to generate apk.
May be it’s on may it vork
help me please


cordova platform add android
cordova run android

first command is to create platform and second is to build apk.Make sure that you have connected your mobile through usb.

already done.
cordova platform add android
cordova run android

cordova platform add ios
cordova run ios

Is it working?

no not working I want to make apk and then it’s work or not.

show error


you are doing some mistakes with the plugin what you are using.I mean you are passing the parameters wrong or the proper values you are not giving.

That is the error with your code of that plugin check docs properly…and give proper values

ok now doply cmd run and it show me this url on last

and I was just download it and run on my phone but
App not installed.
The package appears to be corrupted.

Try to connect you are mobile to laptop.And try

cordova run android

Again one more error

Now working great .
You did a great Job.:+1::ok_hand:
Thank you so much.
Why this error is coming.
App working but I want to solve this issue also.



That is the error regarding emulator.It’s saying that there is some error with you are emulator.I don’t know.I always debug using mobiles.

oh I will check it later
one more help I want from you
Iwant to redirect to thank you page after paypal success payment.
can you help me please.


import { IonicPage, NavController, NavParams } from 'ionic-angular';

constructor(public navCtrl:NavController){


make sure that page is imported in this page too

oh okh thank you :+1::ok_hand::+1:
can you tell me validation on form but my form field are not fix it will be changeable by admin.
how could I do validation


There is one concept in angular2 ‘’‘model’’’ see how you can change models through actions it will helpful for you…

Sorry I didn’t undertand.
can you explain me.

I want to compress my app
because now it only have one page but after generate apk it’s size is 15mb.
I have more page for future then It will be go too heavy.
How can I compress it.


There is one conecpt in angular2 ngModel.using that you can modify values.

Actually i am also working some x company otherwise i would have told you the whole concept…

Thanks &regards,

ok Please read apk compress reply and reply how can I do this.