Error: Cannot find typescript def for 'node' inside events.d.ts file

ionic 2.1.13
typings 2.0.0
npm 4.0.2
cordova 6.4.0

I’m building an Ionic 2 app with Firebase, the app has ran successful so far but now I’m getting this error,


I’ve looked in this file:
typescript: node_modules/@ionic/app-scripts/dist/util/events.d.ts, line: 1

and `/// gives the error "cannot find type definition file for ‘node’

any ideas of what may be going on?

I’ve had other issues with this too: Failed at the ionic-hello-world@ watch script ‘ionic-app-scripts watch’. #256`

I’m planning to stay away from npm 4 until at least one of the Ionic or Angular team confirms that their frameworks play well with it. Do you need npm 4? It changes a lot of things. I don’t know if that’s the problem, but it’s what caught my eye about your post.


I’m not sure that I do. I was following the setup guide in the Angularfire docs, I noticed that the NPM version they listed was 3.10.8 but I just installed the latest. I will go back and modify the version and test it, thanks!

try to find in your project this unused import

import { emit } from "@ionic/app-scripts/dist/util/events";

and delete it!