Error building an app with Capacitor 5 and Android SDK 32

Hi everyone,
Im build a new app everything works as espected when I build it for android 13
But some of the clients have older phones, so im trying to compile the app for android 12.
but when I change :
minSdkVersion = 32
compileSdkVersion = 32
targetSdkVersion = 32

and graddle to 7.5.1, and graddle android plugin to 7.4.2

I got this error

/node_modules/@capacitor/android/capacitor/src/main/java/com/getcapacitor/util/ error: cannot find symbol

anyone knows where or how find the solution

You have to target SDK >= 33 as of August 31, 2023 (this is a Google/Android requirement). You should also be on Gradle 8 (requirement of Capacitor v5 and probably SDK v33).

With that, your app should run just fine on Android 12. Capacitor 5 supports “API 22+ (Android 5.1 or later)” (source).