Error build ios ionic cloud


I try compile to IOS, but show this error:

The following build commands failed:
Check dependencies
(1 failure)
Error: Error code 65 for command: xcodebuild with args: -xcconfig,/Users/package/workspace/apps-8041fb55-115/cordova/platforms/ios/cordova/build-release.xcconfig,-workspace,Rede T13.xcworkspace,-scheme,Rede T13,-configuration,Release,-destination,generic/platform=iOS,-archivePath,Rede T13.xcarchive,archive,CONFIGURATION_BUILD_DIR=/Users/package/workspace/apps-8041fb55-115/cordova/platforms/ios/build/device,SHARED_PRECOMPS_DIR=/Users/package/workspace/apps-8041fb55-115/cordova/platforms/ios/build/sharedpch

what the problem?


The problem is you don’t provide enough information to debug the problem.

Where do you build the app?
What kind of app is it?
Any other error message than this?


I try generate relase at ionic cloud with this command: ionic package build ios --profile nameOfJob --release

Ionic info :

Ionic CLI Version: 2.2.3
Ionic App Lib Version: 2.2.1
Ionic App Scripts Version: 0.0.39
ios-deploy version: Not installed
ios-sim version: Not installed
OS: Windows 10
Node Version: v6.10.2
Xcode version: Not installed


ionic platform list?


Installed platforms:
android 6.0.0
ios 4.4.0
Available platforms:
blackberry10 ~3.8.0 (deprecated)
browser ~4.1.0
webos ~3.7.0
windows ~5.0.0


cordova -v and Ionic Framework version used (ionic-angular in package.jon).

I will probably recommend upgrading to the newest Cordova and then also update the platforms…


I get a lot of strange messages when trying to build these days. Not only real errors, but timeouts etc.
If you have the time to wait, I suggest you wait some hours and try again.


This happend with you?


Yes it happened to me.
Projects that have been successfully build before now fails. Only change I have done is change the versjon no in config.xml

Been trying to upload package the last 11 hours but with no success. Package webpage is only showing the spinning circle etc. (Occasionally it loads).
I think Ionic team is doing something fishy :slight_smile:


Ok… I will try update version. Thank you.


Thank you for help me… I will to generate this release this night. I’ll put feedback here


Did anyone tell the Ionic people about these problems yet?


No. I’m trying generate package since yesterday


I continue with the problem


So did you report it using the link I posted? Complaining it doesn’t work won’t help if the people that could fix it don’t know about it.


I try send this problem for that link. Thank u @Sujan12