[error] /bin/sh: 1: pod: not found

Hello, I have recently started to install my workspace on VSCode.

  • connected to SSH with my VM Debian
  • Ionic framework Anglular , Standalone project is already created
  • All the node capacitors are installed throught npm capacitor-core, android, ios. The web app is already created to work.

And I wanted to start also my project with capacitor to work on mobile versions. And i am getting this error after installed the recomendation through capcitors.

Capture d'écran 2023-11-24 120435

Capacitor requires CocoaPods for iOS and you don’t have it installed, not even sure if it’s compatible with Debian, iOS development is supposedly only supported on macOS

I am using debian! Is there any other solution to work atleast only on Android on Debian?