Error after updating to version: nightly-1717

Every time I update to a new version I have errors or do I have to do a lot of adjustments
This time the page is not displayed, only the error in the console.log

Uncaught Error: [$injector:modulerr] Failed to instantiate module starter due to:
Error: [$injector:modulerr] Failed to instantiate module starter.controllers due to:
Error: [$injector:modulerr] Failed to instantiate module ionic.service.platform d...<omitted>...1) ionic.bundle.js:7326
(anonymous function) ionic.bundle.js:7326
(anonymous function) ionic.bundle.js:10898
forEach ionic.bundle.js:7551
loadModules ionic.bundle.js:10864
createInjector ionic.bundle.js:10804
doBootstrap ionic.bundle.js:8547
bootstrap ionic.bundle.js:8562
angularInit ionic.bundle.js:8511
(anonymous function) ionic.bundle.js:28041
j jquery-1.11.0.min.js:2
k.fireWith jquery-1.11.0.min.js:2
n.extend.ready jquery-1.11.0.min.js:2
K jquery-1.11.0.min.js:2

How are you serving the pages? I use python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000 . I find that it frequenlty fails to service files properly and results in the same errors you are showing… So, I frequently have to reload the pages. If I use a proper server like Apache or Node, this does not happen.

I found the problem was I had to remove this line:

'Ionic.service.platform', 'ionic.ui.content', 'ionic.ui.list', 'ionic.service.loading' 

But I found many bugs in this version so I removed it :frowning: