Error after updating app scripts to 1.2.0

Hi, I am getting error after updating @ionic/app-scripts from 1.1.4 to 1.2.0
there is no error when serving on webpage, but when deployed on device I get white screen after splash screen

this is the error:

 main.js:6 Uncaught Error: Module parse failed:~/mobile/node_modules/@ionic/app-scripts/dist/webpack/loader.js!/~/mobile/src/app/app.module.ngfactory.ts 'return' outside of function (460:0)
 You may need an appropriate loader to handle this file type.
  |     return AppModuleInjector;
  | }(import0.NgModuleInjector));
  | return this.__DeepLinkConfigToken_54;
  | get;
  | _ActionSheetController_55();

works fine if I downgrading back to 1.1.4

Seems that you are not alone:

P.S.: I just commented the issue in GitHub, if that could help …