Error after install plugin

Error: Unexpected token _ in JSON at position 2485

Help me pls!!!


Would love to but, you haven’t really given us anything to help you with.

Which plugin did you install?
Which OS?
Which version of Ionic?
What JSON file?
What command were you running when you go this error?



Mac OS 10.12

Last Ionic and Cordova

I do not know.

ionic plugin add [any plugin]
cordova plugin add [any plugin]


Please provide us with the information so that we could help you out.

Happy Holidays,

Aditya Kumar


Sorry for the delayed response. I would try two things:

Start a new Ionic project and try installing a plugin there. If that works, then the issue is within one of the files within that project and not the overall installation. You might use an online JSON linter to check each of the JSON files to spot the error, as they can be hard to see sometimes.

If you still have an error, I would reinstall Cordova and try again.



Thank you! I’ll try.