Error adding Windows resources (icon/splashscreen)


I have created my first ionic2 app but got stocked adding app icon/splashscreen.

Each time I attempted it, I get this error “No platforms have been added”.

This is the command I used:

ionic resources add --icon


ionic resources --icon

But none seem to work.

Please note, I initially added windows platform after created the app. I was even able to build and run the app on my Windows machine. As a matter of fact, I have deployed it to my on Windows Phone and it’s working just fine. ONLY THE ISSUE OF ADDING APP ICON.

This didn’t help me still.

What do I need to do?

Having the same issue!

You can do this manually, ionic conference demo app has good example for android and ios. Check/copy/paste the resources and relevant parts of config.xml

You can find config directives for windows platform here