Err: Uncaught (in promise): plugin_not_installed


I am currently facing this issue, that when I run my app in debug mode on my iOS device, i get this super error. But the problem is, I really dont know which plugin is not installed…

Is there any way to get the name? Because message plugin not installed is super super super, useless message…

Thank You for your advice

Please try to debug your app on safari browser and check the console for detailed error.

That is what I did… there is no more detailed error, just plugin not installed and some links to polyfill.js file where is nothing, what will help me to find out, which plugin I need to install. Isnt there any config option somewhere, that will give me more detailed info?

make sure all plugins are loaded inside platfom.ready();

I am sure about it… It does not do when I run it on Android device, but on iOS it does…

As I said, is there way to get to know which plugin it try to use?