Epub reader app with Ionic Framework


Is there any good library or way to make an IONIC framework app for reading epub books. I tried with several libraries. “EpubJs” library is the best among them but it has many problems. Mainly the library was made for the desktop browser. The page flip animation, annotation system are very complex to build top of it for a mobile app.

Is there anyone has done it similar project? Please help me if you can. Or at least suggest me what should I do?


Hi, I wanted to use epubjs in my ionic 2 project, but I couldn’t get it to work. have you tried epubjs in ionic 2?


Hi all,

Has some one experience with epubjs annotation? How can I use and show the annotation feature?

Hope some one can help me.



I’m not a javascript guru. I couldn’t figure out this by myself. But one of my colleagues developed a full featured epub js reader in javascript which I integrated into IONIC v1 project. I’ll share the code with you but first I’ve to take the permission from him. :slight_smile:. I’ll back to you.


Thank you!! :slight_smile:

Have you already a feedback?