Enrol projects with a qr-scan

I have created a QR-Scanner and a QR-Generator in ionic (let me know if code is required). Now users can create projects. Then they can Output the data of the projects as QR Code.

So my question is:
I would like to know if there is a way to scan QR Codes of the projects in ionic and the users are automatically enrolled for the projects.

The goal at the end shall be:
A user creates a project. Other users can join this project by just scanning a QR Code.

I have a QR scanner, it also works and reads QR codes. My QR code generator creates QR codes with JSON data in them.

So for all experienced programmers, if what I want is not possible, it is already a help :)!
Just let me know if you have any questions

I think some definition of terms would be very helpful here:

  • “project”
  • “data of the projects”
  • “enroll”
  • “JSON data”

oh sorry okay then:
–> With “project” I mean an item with different values (see code below).
–> With “data of the projects” i mean the data of “project”, like title, name, phone etc.
–> With “JSON data” I mean the data on the picture.
–> With “enroll” I mean, now it gets complicated :smiley: If a user scans a barcode and this barcode is a project, then he should sign up (enrol) for the project directly.

public createQRcode(item: ProjProperties){
  this.projService.getItems().then(items => {
    let project: any;
    project = [
      item.enrol = 'true'
    this.createCode = JSON.stringify(project);


My goal at the end is: a Check-in Registrants (for events/projects) using a QRCODE.

I hope my question is now more understandable, if you have any other questions then feel free to ask.

Thanks in advance for your effort!