Encode a uri

Hi All,

I am trying to call a java GET RESTful service with an email address. It works fine, however when I add a dot (e.g. .com) to the email address it looses all the characters from the dot when it reaches the service.

How do I encode the URI in order to send an email address to the service please?

I am using:

'/list/email/' + encodeURIComponent(email)

but if the email address is: email@domain.com, it reaches the service as email@domain.

I have tried:

'/list/email/' + email
'/list/email/' + encodeURI(email)
'/list/email/' + encodeURIComponent(email)

all give the same result



Add a ‘/’ on the end

return this.http.get(this.BASE_URI + '/list/email/' + email + '/')