Enabling page scroll over embedded iframe video (Vimeo)

I have a simple app that has some text followed by a (Vimeo) video embedded using iframe. The problem I have is that the iframe prevents the user from being able to scroll the page. It’s not a huge problem as a user can still scroll using the available screen space outside the iframe video.

Does anybody know what code I need to use to allow scrolling of the whole page when a user clicks on a video embedded using iframe?

Still trying to find a solution for this, does anybody know a way to achieve this scroll on top of an iframe?

< ion-content overflow-scroll=“true” >< /ion-content >

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Thanks for this, I was worried that using that would cause the play button within the embed not to work but it seems fine. I am going to experiment adding it to the main content tag and also individual iframe elements.

Thanks again.