Embed barcode scanner into my view

I’ve installed the barcodescanner plugin and it’s working.

However, my app design requires that the scanner be embedded into a top half of my view and that I have other data displaying in the bottom half of the view.

The plugin seems to just open up a camera view but doesn’t allow embedding it into my app. Any ideas on how I can do this?

Here is an image of the design I am trying to achieve:

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If you use existing plugin, the answer is no unless there are plugins out there that use half screen view instead of full screen one.

Interested in building your own plugin?
read this and this and let us know if you already made progress with this as I am sure this kind of plugin would benefit lots of people :wink:


Thanks a bunch for the concise answer. Yes, I may just tackle building this into a plugin…if I can find the time!


Did you ever had a chance to implement this? Am looking for similar functionality :slight_smile:


Were you ever able to get this to work? We were interested in doing something similar.


I was searching also for this feature. My initial idea was to use the Ionic Native - QR scanner.